How to Appeal your TIE Rejection

We are sorry to hear that your TIE Card application has been rejected.

If we have sent you this page it means that putting in another application won’t work and as such you should appeal the result to the head of the police unit. This should ideally be sent within 30 working days of the rejection.

How to write your appeal letter.

Your appeal letter must come from you personally stating the reasons that you disagree with the result. This should be a printed letter not hand written.

The Letter must be translated into Spanish but this does not have to be by a certified translator, you can use google translate for this.

Who do I address the letter to?

At the bottom of your rejection letter will be the name and signature of the officer issuing the rejection letter. This is who you need to address the letter to.

Where do I send the letter?

The address you must send the letter to is in the bottom right hand side of the last page of your rejection letter. You need to send the letter recorded delivery.

What to write

The letter needs to be kept technical and unemotional. It would strictly relate to article 50 of the brexit withdrawal agreement and its conditions.


Dear officer Lopex

On the 23rd November 2020 I submitted my TIE card request under article 50 of the brexit withdrawal agreement. The submission was made by JAMES GREENAWAY, NIE NUMBER Y4855921Z

The expediente number of my application is I29202100265279

I would like to appeal the result not to issue my residency in Spain based on the following reasons.


  1. I am working full time in Spain and my employment started before brexit
  2. I have health insurance dated in 2020 and proof of funds I can support my self.
  3. I am a student studying in Spain

Its import to add as much detail about your situation and why you wish to appeal. You should also include your phone number and full address in the letter. You can also list and enclose more evidence you wish the police to take into account.

How long should the letter be?

The letter should not be longer that 200 words

How long will the appeal take and when and how will I find the result?

The appeal will likely take several months. You won’t be given confirmation that your appeal has ben received but when you login to you application should show as in appeal.

Please feel free to email us a copy before you send it to check it over.