To be able to apply for a TIE Card for UK passport holders under the Brexit withdrawal deal you will need to meet the following TIE CARD Criteria/Requirements.

If you are already a Green Spanish Residency card holder and are upgrading your residency to a TIE finger print biometric card you will need:

1.) Your residency card or A4 residency document in your hand, or a police report showing it is lost or stolen. Unless you actually have it in your possession or a police report use our second option.

2.) A Padron Certificate from the town hall dated within the last 3 month

3.) Two passport photos

4.) Tenancy agreement or deeds to property

5.) If you card is over 5 years old the police might want to see evidence that you have maintained residency in Spain for this period. Documents such as old Padron certificates, bank statements, electricity bills, proof of self employment, employment etc will suffice if you are asked. (you will only be asked if the police raise questions on the legitimacy of your continued residency over a long period.

If you have never held a Residency card in Spain or you no longer have it or a police report showing it lost or stolen you will need the following:

All applicants must have a fixed address in Spain with either a tenancy agreement, property deeds and a Padron certificate from the town-hall. (click here to read what a padron certificate is)

If your over 65 and claiming a state pension you will require a S1 form from the UK NHS (What is a S1 form and how do I get one)

If your a Student attending a recognised university or school in Spain you must have proof of your enrolment. Please note many language school placements do not offer you the right to obtain a TIE using the documents they provide. Check with your facility if they are recognised under the TIE CARD scheme.

If you are working in Spain, your work contract or pre contract if you have not started yet. (This document must be written in Spanish) This contract must be for a minimum of 20 hrs a week. You need to show your payslips for the last 3 months if possible.

If your self employed in Spain (Autonomo) you need to show your Modelo 36 and 37, plus 3 months bank statements, plus you need to visit your local social security office and obtain a copy of your vida Laborial (work history certificate) to show you have been paying your social security payments. Please note: Working remotely for a company oversea’s or off shore does not cover you for Spanish residency.


If you are not covered under the above you will need to have private health insurance in place. This must be fully comprehensive and paid one year up front. Co-payment policy will not be accepted. (Click here for a list of Private health insurance companies we recomend) please do not be confused with private health insurance and your EHIC Card. Your EHIC Card covers you for travel in the EU upto the 31st December 2020 but can NOT be used for residency applications. The Policy MUST be written in Spanish or a Certified translation of the policy is required.

Plus: Proof of funds in a Spanish bank account: Minimum 7,000 per person or 10,000 euros for a married couple. You need to use a bank with land branches as you will require a stamped statement for the application. Banks such as N26 and Transfer-wise will not be suitable for this purpose. (see other methods of proving funds below)

Children will require a birth certificate and only children with parents registered as resident can apply. Children must have their own TIE CARD APPOINTMENT and paperwork, they do not go on the card of the parents. There is no minimum age a child can apply.

The above is set out at local level, and is interpreted differently in each region. The officer making a decision on your case must take into account all factors of your circumstances.

There are some other ways you can show you have sufficient funds to support your self in Spain which maybe taken into consideration onto of the above when applying for your TIE CARD. These could include:

  • Property deeds to show you own rather than rent a property in Spain
  • Share, bond or investment documents
  • Bank statements from the UK showing funds (in addition to funds shown in Spanish account)
  • Income from Pensions
  • Any other proof of funds or wealth


Common Questions and Answers relating to meetings the TIE Card minimum criteria

If you have a question please post it in the comments section below and we will try and answer it for you.

Q: I work on an oil rig off shore. I don’t have a Spanish work contract or pay Social security payments in Spain. What will I need.

A: In this case you will need to have private health insurance in place, plus, proof of funds or proof of regular income of a minimum of 700 euros a month going into a Spanish bank account.

Q: I am working but I don’t have a contract. my employer is refusing to give me one. Is there anything I can do.

A: Your employer is acting illegally by not issuing you a work contract with deprives you of your work rights and deprives the Spanish government of taxes and social security payments. We would suggest getting another job as the police will not accept this as an explanation.

Q: I am doing a pilots course at the school in Malaga, can I use my enrolment to Claim residency under the Brexit agreement.

A: Each educational institution will be treated differently. Some are recognised as suitable for applying for the TIE Card, some not. Its best to speak to your educational facility to ask if they are recognised.

Q: I am a pensioner and I am unable to show a lump sum in the bank but I get a Monthly Pension payment. Can I use this as proof of funds.

A: Yes, if you can shoe you have sufficient income. This should ideally either be paid direct to a Spanish bank account or be transferred monthly.

Q: Do children have to have private health insurance or show any proof of funds?

A: No, as long as the parent/gaurdian either holds residency or is applying for the TIE card at the same time no private health insurance or proof of funds is required for children.

Q: I have a 3 month old baby, does he/she need a TIE Card or are they able to go on my card?

A: The new law on British citizens obtaining a TIE card under the Brexit withdrawal agreement did not set any minimum age of application. Everyone in the family should get a TIE Card before December 31st.

Ask us a question below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


  1. Hi I am looking to possibly buy a business in Spain but still live in the uk , have I left it to late to move as I would need to know I can live in Spain before purchasing a business for obvious reasons .. many thanks Stu.

  2. Hi!
    A couple of questions! Does the fee include the Modelo 790-12 fee of €12? Also, you state that a copy of the padron is required. Isn’t it only required if you’ve changed address? And a copy of house deeds? Just asking, coz it’s not on the official list of requirements…

    Feliz jueves!

    1. Hi Garry

      No, our fee does not include the 12 euros as you need the original stamp from the bank on your form and a photo copy or stamp sent via email won’t suffice unfortunatly.

      Your correct in saying the official line is you only need a Padron if you have moved but, every appointment for card collection we have done so far they have asked for an upto date Padron if you have moved or not…

      I hope this helps?


  3. Hi Lisa
    We are a retired couple, we own an apartment in Spain near Alicante. We are on the Guardamar del Segura padron and both have NIE numbers. We are now looking to take out Spainish residency. We are UK pensioners and are in the process of obtaining the form S1 from the DWP. We have a joint account in Spain with the Sabadell Bank. I want to ensure we have the correct documentation for the residency interview. The area that concerns me is the demonstaration that we have sufficent funds. In your article above you mention that a sum of 10,000 euros is required. We have double that in the Spainish bank can you confirm that in the Alicante region that this is sufficient. Also, in a a previous response you stated that even after converting the Form S1 into a Spanish SIP private health cover is needed. Is this correct?
    I am looking forward to using your service. But wish to get it right the first time.

  4. Hi Lisa
    I have been visiting Marbella for 17 years. Now that I am retired (66yrs), I stay for at least one month per trip, February, October coming up, then 3 months from December into 2021.
    I don’t have a Tenancy agreement but I am provided with a contract for each of my visits, and I always stay on the same urbanisation, and I can forsee that I will stay more than 183 days in any calender year, SO can I still apply for TIE without tenancy agreement ?
    Paul Willetts

  5. My Wife has Residencia since April 2011. I have remained non-resident. She is 65 and I 67 years old. Both retired and receiving Private & State Pensions. We jointly own a property in Cantoria. I already have Padron and NIE. Furthermore I have temporary access to the Spanish Health System. I want to start spending most of my time in Spain. How do I get a TIE based on my seemingly complicated situation


    1. Hi Ann

      Yes, if your neither employed or officially self employed in spain you will need fully comprehensive private health insurance in place plus proof of funds of 7000 euros per person in a Spanish bank account. You might be best getting a basic NIE Number first?


  7. Hi, my wife is english and has a NIE number but not the residency, she used to work so also has social security number, i am French and am resident, our daughter 7month old has british passport and is pending the french one, what would you recommend? My wife should definitely get the TIE but ou daughter?

  8. My wife and I have the green paper certificates. They give permanent residency. We would like to change them for the new TIE cards. My question is do these cards have to be renewed every 5 or 10 years?

    1. Hi Tony

      It is our understanding that the new TIE CARD will not be required to be renewed. However the law in Spain changes a lot so that is there case at the moment, in the future at some point it could change.

      I hope this helps?

      http://www.tiecardspain com

  9. Hi, we are planning to book a winter let, eg Oct-Mar, and hope to use this address to base a TIE application on – do you think that is enough to apply for residency? Or does it need a different type of rental agreement?
    Thank you

  10. Im still in the UK re Covid rulings, I have the green NIE but wish to change it to the new card. The Spanish Consulate here won’t do it. What can I do. I don’t have a Padron document but I do have the funds.

    1. Hi

      If you have the green residency card you do not have to prove funds its a simple upgrade:) But you must be in spain to be able to visit the police station and supply your finger prints which is part of the card.

      If you need anymore help please call the office on 0034 665556070


  11. Hi there, we want to apply for the TIE card, we are in the process of buying a house for cash but there have been complications from the vendors that have delayed the purchase (in addition to the COVID issues) We are in the process of opening Spanish bank accounts but we do have sufficient funds in a British account (even after the house purchase) to buy health insurance and meet the financial requirements. My work is in the U.K. and due to COVID and quarantine I haven’t been able to work since March, so there haven’t been regular payments into the British accounts. We are on the padrón (since January 2020) and can use this address for TIE but we don’t have a tenancy agreement as we are not currently paying rent but staying with friends until the house purchase goes through. Will these things be an issue for our application?

    1. Hi Deborah

      Its probably best we discuss this over the phone. Please give the office a call on 0034 665556070 and we can go though some options.

      kind regards


  12. I want to get this how to I start? I can’t find how to do it. I live in Denia can I get the TIE CARD at the police station here? Also I have 3 children 4, 7 and 11 do they need a card as well?

  13. Hi,

    Myself and partner and moving to Tenerife next month and I would just like to clarify what documentation we need to apply for and the difference between the NIE number with social security number and the TIE number. I have a UK passport and my partner has an Irish passport. We are planning on working some employed as TEFL tutors and some self employed work as photographers with the view to staying in Tenerife permanently. We are planning to stay in an air bnb or hotel for the first week or two as needed with the view to then renting an apartment long term and eventually buying a property in around a year all being well. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

  14. Hi,

    Any idea what the requirements are for the TIE in Madrid if I don’t have a job but can support myself.?



    1. Hi

      You will need:

      A fixed address and Padron Certificate

      Private health insurance in place

      proof of funds of 7,000 euros in a Spanish bank account.

      I hope this helps?


  15. Hi
    We have residencia but have been informed by somebody this morning that now UK Nationals HAVE to exchange their residencia for the TIE card before 31st March 2021.

    Can you please confirm or deny this.

    Many thanks


    1. Hi Stewart

      At the moment is is not compulsory to upgrade but if you decide to get it done now its a nice simple process and currently the waiting time is very short. The upside is the card is much better quality than the old paper card and has your photo on it so can be used as ID.

      I hope this helps?


      1. Thanks Lisa.

        Is it true we have to upgrade by 31st March ’21 or is there no fixed date by which you have to upgrade?

        We are happy to upgrade now but live in the province of Albacete who happen to be the most difficult area to work with and we are just concerned that the office will still be in total disarray if we apply now!!!!

        Thanks Stewart

  16. I thought the uk was still in the EU? so why do I need to have private health insurance to get a TIE Card? Why can’t I use my EHIC card? I don’t have 7,000 euros so what can I do?

    1. Hi Darren.

      The UK has left the European Union (EU) but remains in a customs union until the 31st December 2020 under the Brexit withdrawal agreement. The EHIC card can still be used right up until January 2021 but this is for emergency health cover for holidays and short business trips up to 3 months. After this you must apply for residency in the EU country.

      It has always been the case in Spain that you need to show you can support your self if you live here full time without a job and as such you need to shoe you have sufficient proof of funds to pay for your self and private health insurance in place so that you do not become a burden on the Spanish health system.

      I hope this helps?


  17. I have the old green redisdents card, but have since got married (in the UK). What will my wife need to do in order to get her TIE?

  18. Message Good Morning,
    My Husband and I have been resident in Spain since March 2005 and originally had the old photo residents card. When we went to renew this in 2011 (when it expired), we were told we were classed as permanent residents and didn’t need to do anything at all. When the Brexit situation arose we applied for residency cards and received these in March 2019. We have been fiscal residents since 2013. We have health care provided by the Spanish Government as have lived here since 2005 (I worked 2006-2008) and again from 2013-2016) and during these periods paid autonomo at the full rate. Thus we have always received health care and I am in the middle of receiving treatment myself.
    We would like to apply for the TIE card and wonder if you can help us with this please. We live in Caudete (02660), in the province of Albacete and do own our property here. If you can please confirm exactly the paperwork we need and if it will be possible for us to have an appointment together on the same day please I’d really appreciate it. Also please advise how we pay your fees. Albacete Foreigner’s office is an absolutely nightmare to deal with it really depends on who sees you as to what documentation you require. When we applied for residencia last year, another couple who applied at the same time (with a different office worker) had to supply different paperwork to us – unbelievable. Equally they wouldn’t accept just a normal Padron, it had to be a family padron! As we live 150kms away obviously it’s a long way (and a cost) to keep going back if we don’t have the correct paperwork.
    We really look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards
    Teresa and Stewart Vaughan

  19. Message Hello, my name is Steven Cook and I am hoping to move to Tenerife. I work online on a self-employed basis for a college in the UK. I am paid (gross) £1600 every month. It has been the same arrangement for 18-months and is ongoing and secure. I am currently staying in an Airbnb but I am looking to rent long-terms if I am allowed to stay and live here. I plan on living in Tenerife most of the year so I will ultimately need guidance on the tax side of things when the time comes. I have travel and medical insurance (combined) via Safety Wing on their digital nomad package – so I’m not sure if that is sufficient?

    I really hope that I am eligible to stay. If so I will be keen to complete the processes required as soon as I can. In terms of services, I’m not sure – I basically need to first of all know if I am eligible, advice regarding if I need different medical insurance to what I have now, and also probably help with the forms. Please let me know if you believe I am eligible to stay, a quote for your services, and if I am eligible to stay – the next steps I need to take.

    Thank you,

    Steven Cook

  20. Hi Lisa, I’m British and would like to apply for the Spanish TIE residency card, before the end of December. I have lived in Spain for eight years previously, so I have a NIE number, bank accounts and a pension fund there. I have asked my current employer, if they would consider changing my current employment contract to a Spanish contract and employ me through one of their Spanish entities. If that option does not materialise, is it possible to be employed on a UK employment contract and pay tax in Spain? If not and I understand correctly, I could be employed in the UK and still apply for Spanish residency, with a rental accommodation contract, sufficient funds being transferred into my Spanish bank account and my own private insurance. Is that correct? Thanks for your help

  21. I am a UK National. From the end of October I will be an early retiree in my fifties. I already own a property in Calpe with utilities in my name and will be arriving to Spain to live permanently early November and need to apply for first time round TIE ( I do not have the green card)

    My husband already has his green card.

    I have sufficient cash in my Spanish bank account which has been there for over 3 months and I get private health care insurance coverage for life as part my retirement package so believe both these things meet application requirements.

    I’m not yet on the padron and will book an online appointment to get this in a few weeks ready for my arrival and will also get 3 month certified bank statement from my Spanish bank as soon as I land.

    I do not yet have a digital certificate.

    For my understanding – Do I need to obtain a digital certificate for my residencia beforehand if I apply through yourselves?

    If yes – can you help me apply for this by assisting with form filling etc?

    Also – do you accompany people for the TIE appointments or is it just phone support?

    I am nervous about finding where I need to go/ getting an appointment For the TIE process etc.

    I’ve heard that getting TIE appointments is impossible in the AlicAnte region so no I am not sure if I have left things too late?

    If you think you can assist me or need more information from me then please get in touch.

    Thanks and Regards


    Please note I am currently living / working in Asia so my time zone is 7 hours ahead of Spain Until I arrive early Nov.

  22. Message We have a house near Albox in Almeria province.

    My wife and I have recently retired and are coming over to Spain at the end of this month. We wish to apply for the TIE card as soon as possible, as we want to exchange our driving licenses as well before 31/12/20.

    Do we still have time?

    I have tried getting things started with my local (Albox) solicitor for 2 months now but nothing is happening, and we are now very worried that we will run out of time.

    My telephone number is xxxxxxxxxxxxx. Sorry to admit my Spanish is very basic but I would be delighted to hear from you anyhow.

  23. Hi
    You did a great job in getting our NIE, no hassle whatsoever. Regarding the TIE, we have bought an apartment outright and have been here 3 weeks. We will be going home in a couple of weeks, so have time to register on Padron. Can we apply for a TIE without a Spanish bank account. I have a pension of €26000 , but not a ‘pensioner‘ at 58. Will this be sufficient to satisfy the financial requirement for both of us?
    I can get the healthcare sorted. Will we be able to get our first appointment in Murcia before we leave…..
    You are doing a great job, you made the NIE very e9asy to obtain.

  24. Hi there we have rental contract in Benidorm and my partner works 3 days in UK and travels we have some funds (not quite 10,000 euros for a couple) but he gets equivalent to around 2400 Euro’s per month which we are going to start transferring to a Spanish bank account-will this be sufficient to get a TIE card

  25. Hi there we have rental contract in Benidorm and my partner works 3 days in UK and travels we have some funds (not quite 10,000 euros for a couple) but he gets equivalent to around 2400 Euro’s per month which we are going to start transferring to a Spanish bank account-will this be sufficient to get a TIE card

  26. Hi.
    My partner and I are coming to Benidorm in November for 4 days to look at some long term rental properties and pay a few months rent upfront ( would have been sooner Covid put a damper on things ) As were planing on moving over permanently around Feb /March 2021.
    Can we apply before Nov for our TIE ,even though we haven’t physically moved yet ?
    We only have around £12K joint savings. But we hope to find work once we move out there permanently. Do we need to open up a Spanish bank account before hand and transfer savings into that. Any assistance / guidance on where to start will be greatly appreciated

    1. Hi Kelvin

      Yes im afraid you need to have a long term fixed address (min 6 month tenancy agreement) to be able to obtain a pardon certificate which is part of the TIE CARD application. If you don’t already have one I would suggest getting your NIE on this visit. You can use our sister website http://www.mynie.co.uk for this.

      I would also open a Non resident bank account on this visit also.

      I hope this helps?


  27. Hello there,

    My wife, daughter and I would like to apply for TIE cards, however we have been renting in spain for 1 year now and have only obtained our Pardon paperwork. Can we still apply as we have been in the country over 3 months? Thanks

  28. Hi,

    Me and my partner are moving to Denia in the middle of November. If we start the residencia process once we get there, can the process of obtaining residencia go past the Brexit deadline? Also me and my partner are not married so does that mean we would have to have €7000 each? And is there a certain amount of time it need to be in the spanish bank?

    Many Thanks,

  29. I was retired early from the NHS Ambulance Service due to an accident at work. I get a monthly pension and an accident disability payment, the latter isn’t taxable at all in the UK. The pension is around 7k annually, the non taxable sum is the same. Also, I only have a NIE and Padron, are any of these hindrances re applying for Residencia?

  30. Hi Lisa,

    I don’t own property here in Spain, and I don’t have a tenancy agreement. I live with my friend, and am (soon–to–be) registered on the Padron at her address. Will this Padron certificate be sufficient for my application?

  31. Hi there,

    We will be using your service for the TIE. We have had conflicting advice. We will have 7,000 euros in our bank account as a bank statement. We are not pensioners. We have income from the UK ( property ). Do we need to provide this as HMRC tax return evidence and if so what is the monthly recommendation fro UK income to provide? Also would property assets be applicable ( property ) and how would we show/evidence these assets? Lastly we were told everything had to be translated/submitted in spanish including income evidence eg tax return! Thanks so much. Helen

  32. Hi James/Lisa

    We picked up our cards today 🙂 Thank you so much for all your help and patients with us 🙂 sorry about all the emails.

    Best of luck

    The Gregory’s (Alicante)

  33. is there anyway around the 7,000 euros in the bank? I have money in a UK bank account but the change rate is not good at the moment and I don’t really want to move it over to my Spanish account? Can I show my UK account?

    1. Hi Rushi

      If you are not employed in Spain, Self employed in Spain (officially, and paying tax and social security) or over 65 with an S1 form you will need to show fully comprehensive health insurance plus proof of funds of 7,000 euros in a Spanish bank account…There is no way around the criteria I’m afraid.


  34. Att: Lisa

    Lisa we went to collect our TIE cards Monday in Alicante and they said they was not ready but we phoned them the day before and they said they were? What should we do as we traveled all the way from denia to collect them. Is there anyway to complain to the police about this? 🙁

    1. Hi Tom

      Its always best to give it a few extra days even if the helpline says your TIE Card is ready…. I would suggest leaving it a week then going to collect it…

      There is no way to complain to the police over this you will the wasting your time and it won’t make things any better. Just collect your card next week some time end enjoy your life in Spain 🙂


  35. If I had seen your website before I would have used you (especially as your a fraction of the 250 euros I have paid my Gestoria…..) but my application is now in. Can I ask a quick question I don’t mind paying for it?

    My Gestoria is saying that she has put my application in and now I must wait for unto 6 weeks for a response but I’m worried this will take me over the Brexit deadline?

    If I was to cancel with my Gestoria could to maybe do it quicker?

    1. Hi

      This is quite normal. No, in your case your better sticking with whoever has submitted your application there is no way we or any other company can make it go any faster.

      To confirm, although its best to get your application in by 31st December, you don’t actually need to by law… You need to be able to PROVE you was legally living in Spain before the 31st not apply by the 31st…

      If your representative has put your application in sit tight and eventually it will either be approved or they will ask for more documents.

      I hope this helps?


  36. Lisa/James we picked up our cards today. All good. You deserve a medal for dealing with this, we would have been lost without you.

    Chris & Judith (Javea)

  37. I’ve been trying to phone the number on your website for days and it’s always engaged? Is it the right number?

    1. Hi kay

      Our phone is ringing non stop at the moment. The mornings are very busy I would try in the late afternoons when its a bit quieter. Or you can drop us an email?


  38. Hi, we used your NIE service which was great so we now have our NIE numbers. We have our UK S1 forms and yesterday we registered on the Padron and have our certificates. We also have the Social Security forms prepared by you but have not done anything with them as we will not be working ( we are both over 65 and retired). We want to use your TIE service but we are struggling to open a bank account as we cannot travel back to the UK to get all of the documents Sabadell bank are asking for, we have pensions and rental income to our HSBC bank so income is not the problem. Is there any way round not having a bank account ?
    Thanks, Richard and Hazel.

  39. Hello. I have been trying to get an appointment in Alicante for the first part of the TIE application for 2 months and can’t seem to be able to get one. is there a trick to it? If I use your service can you get me and my wife and appointment?

  40. Hi, I have just received my spanish work contract and need to apply for residencia for me and my children, do I need to do it before December 31st?

    Everyone says there is no appointments available now.

    I have Rental contract and Padron

  41. Hello. My husband and I got a property in Spain. We are British. We would like to be able to live in Spain without selling the house in the UK. To be able to flight freely to Spain from UK I would like to obtain the TIE card. That I understand is like residency.

    My concern is. Does anyone know if in this situation, (I mean bring resident in Spain and still having the house in the UK) I need to tax in Spain for the property we have in the UK?

    Please let me know if someone is in similar situation and if this is case, that we need to pay tax for having property in UK.

    Thank you

  42. Hi there – my girfliend and I moved to the Ballierics in November and registered on the Padron in December. We have also submitted our EX-20 forms pre Dec 31. I have recieved a NIE but my partner hasn’t. I am just wondeirng what steps we need to take to get the process moving and what products you offer to help this. I suppose the first stage is the NIE doc EX-15 then use EX-17 for the TIE? Then the EX-20? I can’t now figure out what EX-20 does as I thought it was how we obtained our NIE/TIE. I wasn’t aware of either parts of the process before we submitted our EX-20. Some direction would be great as I am clearly a bit lost with it all! Really wisihing I had found this website sooner!

  43. Dear Lisa,
    I have applied for a TIE card and paid €73.29 . How long do I wait for an e-mail to attend the Police station in Estepona?
    I am already a resident, will that mean that I will still have to bring all the documentation you refer to i.e. :-
    1 The A4 document with the NIE number
    2 The Padron certificate
    3 The escritura for my apartment
    4 An electricity bill showing address
    5 My Social Security card for health care
    6 Bank account statement showing sufficient capital
    7 Pension certificates showing income
    8 2 passport photos
    9 Passport

    Surely as I have the A4 document quoting my NIE number that should suffice.

    As I have had the two vacinations for the coronavirus that could also be stated on the card for future access purposes, can that be included in the card.?
    When I had the second vacination the doctor said that they would be sending an e-mail confirming it but todate I have had no e-mail, it would be very useful to have the confirmation included on the card.

  44. Hi threre

    I want to move out to Spain. I am British. I have an idea of areas I want to live in. I plan to get a job working online for British companies whilst I learn Spanish. What is your recommendation?

  45. Hi

    My partner and I are applying for a non lucrative tourist visa for 6 months. Our plan was to travel around Spain in our campervan and so we would t be getting a tenancy agreement nor have a fixed address. Is it still possible for us to get our TIE card when we arrive in Spain?



    1. Hi

      First of all to get the TIE card you will need a fixed address as you will need a Padron Certificate from the local town hall….. Sometimes you can get these on a campsite. Please feel free to give the office a call on 0034 665556070 to discuss further.

      Many Thanks


  46. is your service still available. i mean has the deadline passed for getting a TIE like this, or are applications still open?
    Do i have to prove I was living in spain during 2020 and what forms of proof are accepted?

    1. Hi Nick

      To apply for the tie card you need to prove you were living in. Spain legally in 2020. Its best to give the office a call on 0034 665556070 so we can discuss your options further.

      Many Thanks


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