To be able to apply for a TIE Card for UK passport holders under the Brexit withdrawal deal you will need to meet the following TIE CARD Criteria/Requirements.

If you are already a Green Spanish Residency card holder and are upgrading your residency to a TIE finger print biometric card you will need:

1.) Your residency card or A4 residency document in your hand, or a police report showing it is lost or stolen. Unless you actually have it in your possession or a police report use our second option.

2.) A Padron Certificate from the town hall dated within the last 3 month

3.) Two passport photos

4.) Tenancy agreement or deeds to property

5.) If you card is over 5 years old the police might want to see evidence that you have maintained residency in Spain for this period. Documents such as old Padron certificates, bank statements, electricity bills, proof of self employment, employment etc will suffice if you are asked. (you will only be asked if the police raise questions on the legitimacy of your continued residency over a long period.

If you have never held a Residency card in Spain or you no longer have it or a police report showing it lost or stolen you will need the following:

All applicants must have a fixed address in Spain with either a tenancy agreement, property deeds and if possible a Padron certificate from the town-hall. (click here to read what a padron certificate is)

If your over 65 and claiming a state pension you will require a S1 form from the UK NHS (What is a S1 form and how do I get one)

If your a Student attending a recognised university or school in Spain you must have proof of your enrolment. Please note many language school placements do not offer you the right to obtain a TIE using the documents they provide. Check with your facility if they are recognised under the TIE CARD scheme.

If you are working in Spain, your work contract or pre contract if you have not started yet. (This document must be written in Spanish) This contract must be for a minimum of 20 hrs a week. You need to show your payslips for the last 3 months if possible.

If your self employed in Spain (Autonomo) you need to show your Modelo 36 and 37, plus 3 months bank statements, plus you need to visit your local social security office and obtain a copy of your vida Laborial (work history certificate) to show you have been paying your social security payments. Please note: Working remotely for a company oversea’s or off shore does not cover you for Spanish residency.


If you are not covered under the above you will need to have private health insurance in place. This must be fully comprehensive and paid one year up front. Co-payment policy will not be accepted. (Click here for a list of Private health insurance companies we recomend) please do not be confused with private health insurance and your EHIC Card. Your EHIC Card covers you for travel in the EU upto the 31st December 2020 but can NOT be used for residency applications. The Policy MUST be written in Spanish or a Certified translation of the policy is required.

Plus: Proof of funds in a Spanish bank account: Minimum 7,000 per person or 10,000 euros for a married couple. You need to use a bank with land branches as you will require a stamped statement for the application. Banks such as N26 and Transfer-wise will not be suitable for this purpose. (see other methods of proving funds below)

Children will require a birth certificate and only children with parents registered as resident can apply. Children must have their own TIE CARD APPOINTMENT and paperwork, they do not go on the card of the parents. There is no minimum age a child can apply.

The above is set out at local level, and is interpreted differently in each region. The officer making a decision on your case must take into account all factors of your circumstances.

There are some other ways you can show you have sufficient funds to support your self in Spain which maybe taken into consideration onto of the above when applying for your TIE CARD. These could include:

  • Property deeds to show you own rather than rent a property in Spain
  • Share, bond or investment documents
  • Bank statements from the UK showing funds
  • Income from Pensions
  • Any other proof of funds or wealth


Common Questions and Answers relating to meetings the TIE Card minimum criteria

If you have a question please post it in the comments section below and we will try and answer it for you.

Q: I work on an oil rig off shore. I don’t have a Spanish work contract or pay Social security payments in Spain. What will I need.

A: In this case you will need to have private health insurance in place, plus, proof of funds or proof of regular income of a minimum of 700 euros a month going into a Spanish bank account.

Q: I am working but I don’t have a contract. my employer is refusing to give me one. Is there anything I can do.

A: Your employer is acting illegally by not issuing you a work contract with deprives you of your work rights and deprives the Spanish government of taxes and social security payments. We would suggest getting another job as the police will not accept this as an explanation.

Q: I am doing a pilots course at the school in Malaga, can I use my enrolment to Claim residency under the Brexit agreement.

A: Each educational institution will be treated differently. Some are recognised as suitable for applying for the TIE Card, some not. Its best to speak to your educational facility to ask if they are recognised.

Q: I am a pensioner and I am unable to show a lump sum in the bank but I get a Monthly Pension payment. Can I use this as proof of funds.

A: Yes, if you can shoe you have sufficient income. This should ideally either be paid direct to a Spanish bank account or be transferred monthly.

Q: Do children have to have private health insurance or show any proof of funds?

A: No, as long as the parent/gaurdian either holds residency or is applying for the TIE card at the same time no private health insurance or proof of funds is required for children.

Q: I have a 3 month old baby, does he/she need a TIE Card or are they able to go on my card?

A: The new law on British citizens obtaining a TIE card under the Brexit withdrawal agreement did not set any minimum age of application. Everyone in the family should get a TIE Card before December 31st.

Ask us a question below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


  1. Hi I am looking to possibly buy a business in Spain but still live in the uk , have I left it to late to move as I would need to know I can live in Spain before purchasing a business for obvious reasons .. many thanks Stu.

  2. Hi!
    A couple of questions! Does the fee include the Modelo 790-12 fee of €12? Also, you state that a copy of the padron is required. Isn’t it only required if you’ve changed address? And a copy of house deeds? Just asking, coz it’s not on the official list of requirements…

    Feliz jueves!

    1. Hi Garry

      No, our fee does not include the 12 euros as you need the original stamp from the bank on your form and a photo copy or stamp sent via email won’t suffice unfortunatly.

      Your correct in saying the official line is you only need a Padron if you have moved but, every appointment for card collection we have done so far they have asked for an upto date Padron if you have moved or not…

      I hope this helps?


  3. Hi Lisa
    We are a retired couple, we own an apartment in Spain near Alicante. We are on the Guardamar del Segura padron and both have NIE numbers. We are now looking to take out Spainish residency. We are UK pensioners and are in the process of obtaining the form S1 from the DWP. We have a joint account in Spain with the Sabadell Bank. I want to ensure we have the correct documentation for the residency interview. The area that concerns me is the demonstaration that we have sufficent funds. In your article above you mention that a sum of 10,000 euros is required. We have double that in the Spainish bank can you confirm that in the Alicante region that this is sufficient. Also, in a a previous response you stated that even after converting the Form S1 into a Spanish SIP private health cover is needed. Is this correct?
    I am looking forward to using your service. But wish to get it right the first time.

  4. Hi Lisa
    I have been visiting Marbella for 17 years. Now that I am retired (66yrs), I stay for at least one month per trip, February, October coming up, then 3 months from December into 2021.
    I don’t have a Tenancy agreement but I am provided with a contract for each of my visits, and I always stay on the same urbanisation, and I can forsee that I will stay more than 183 days in any calender year, SO can I still apply for TIE without tenancy agreement ?
    Paul Willetts

  5. My Wife has Residencia since April 2011. I have remained non-resident. She is 65 and I 67 years old. Both retired and receiving Private & State Pensions. We jointly own a property in Cantoria. I already have Padron and NIE. Furthermore I have temporary access to the Spanish Health System. I want to start spending most of my time in Spain. How do I get a TIE based on my seemingly complicated situation


    1. Hi Ann

      Yes, if your neither employed or officially self employed in spain you will need fully comprehensive private health insurance in place plus proof of funds of 7000 euros per person in a Spanish bank account. You might be best getting a basic NIE Number first?


  7. Hi, my wife is english and has a NIE number but not the residency, she used to work so also has social security number, i am French and am resident, our daughter 7month old has british passport and is pending the french one, what would you recommend? My wife should definitely get the TIE but ou daughter?

  8. My wife and I have the green paper certificates. They give permanent residency. We would like to change them for the new TIE cards. My question is do these cards have to be renewed every 5 or 10 years?

    1. Hi Tony

      It is our understanding that the new TIE CARD will not be required to be renewed. However the law in Spain changes a lot so that is there case at the moment, in the future at some point it could change.

      I hope this helps?

      http://www.tiecardspain com

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