To keep this service as reasonably priced as possible we have outlined a number of common questions below. This saves us repeating the same answers in emails and needing to increase our number of staff and as such our cost to you.

If the question you would like to know is not answered in the Q & A below please use the comments box at the Botton of this page to ask your question.

Q: Can I get a TIE Card without being in Spain, by POA for example?

A: No, you must have a fixed address in Spain and be able to attend the appointments, show your passport and give your finger prints at the police station to obtain a TIE Card.

Q: Is it still possible to get the old green residency card instead of the new TIE Card?

A: No, as of the 1st July 2020 the Spanish government withdrew the green residency card system from UK passport holders and replaced this with the new TIE Card for Uk passport holders.

Q: I already have a green residency card/A4 Green residency certificate. Do I need to apply for a TIE?

A: The Spanish government have said if you already have the green residency card or green A4 paper document you are not currently obliged by law to upgrade to a TIE Card. However you are welcome to do so at your pleasure.

The process for updating your old green card to a new TIE card is simple and involves a visit to the police station to give your finger prints and one more to collect the card once its made.

Q: What is the benefits of upgrading my old green card/green a4 paper residency certificate to a TIE Card?

A: Your rights remain the same if you choose to upgrade to a TIE Card or stay with your old Green residency card/document. However, the new card is far superior to the old green card which was just a credit card sized piece of paper. The new card is a Plastic biometric card and much more durable and can be used as official ID as it has your photo on it.

Q: I already have a white NIE A4 certificate. Does this help my application?

A: If you already have a White NIE Number certificate this neither helps nor hinders your application. If you don’t already have a NIE Number you will be issued one during your TIE Application. Otherwise they will just use your original NIE Number on your TIE Card.

Q: What is the total cost of the police Tax? Do I have to pay there form 790 tax twice?

A: there total tax payable to the police for the card is 12.00 euros. You pay this once and use the form twice. The police will give it back to you at your first appointment and take it from you on your second.

Q: Why is your price advertised in Pound Stirling and not Euros when this is a Spanish service?

A: As every customer of this service is from the UK or a UK passport holder we have advertised our price in Pound Stirling to make it clear what the price is no matter what the exchange rate at the time.

Q: Can I have one appointment for my whole family? Do I have to pay for each person?

A: Each police appointment is for 1 person only. The police will not under any circumstances no matter how nicely you aak them see more than 1 person per appointment. Each applicant needs their own booking appointment, own paperwork and own tax payment.

Q: Do children need a TIE Card?

A: Yes, everyone in your family wanting to stay in Spain for more than 90 days after Brexit will require a TIE Card by 31st December 2020. There its no upper or lower age limit and as such a baby would also need a card.

Q: Can I do a fly in appointment like your sister service does for the NIE Number?

A: We are not offering a fly in service for the TIE as getting the appointments is much more complicated. You need to be living in Spain to use this service.

Q: Ive lost my green Residency card/A4 residency document. What should I do?

A: If you are wanting to upgrade from the old green residency card/A4 residency document to the new TIE Card but have lost the card/document you will need to make a report of this at the police station. You will need a police report and an unto date Padron certificate on the date of your appointment.

Q: I can’t remember if I ever had a green residency card/certificate or not. What can I do?

A: If you can not remember if you had a Green residency card/Green residency document you will need to take from scratch. If the police can find an old residency under your name that will be used but if not you will be treated as a new application and be required to meet the TIE Card application criteria.

Q: I see that if I am going to apply for the TIE using the self supporting option (private health care in place plus proof of funds in the bank) I must pay for my Private health insurance 1 year upfront. Why is this? Why can I not pay monthly?

If you are applying for the TIE Card and do not have work in Spain you will need to show you can support your self and not be a burden on the Spanish health and benefits system. For this you must have private health insurance in place.

This must be paid 1 year upfront. This was brought in as people were canceling the policy the day after obtaining residency and then becoming a burden on the health system. Unfortunately there is no way around this and this policy is being rigorously enforced by the police.

Q: Why do I need a photo copy of every page of my passport? even the blank pages?

A: we agree this is somewhat strange, but this is what some police stations are asking for and as such you need to photo copy every page.

Q: Do I need to print my TIE CARD application forms in colour?

A: No, you can printed either in black and white or colour the option is yours.


Q: Can I attend my TIE CARD appointments at my local police station?

A: Each area is currently operating differently. In Alicante and Barcelona the system is centralised to one main police station in. the province, where as Malaga you can attend your nearest national police station. We will ensure we will get you in to your nearest police station/forginers office for your appointments.

Q: I have recently got my new TIE Card and I’ve already lost it, What can I do?

A: In this case you will need a new appointment at the police station, new application forms and repayment of the TIE Card tax. Please contact us if you need help with this.

Q: Do children have to attend the appointment or can I go on their behalf?

A: Children do not have to attend either appointment 1 or 3 but must attend the second appointment at the police station as they are still required to provide finger prints for the Biometric card.

Q: How can I get a S1 form from thew NHS in the UK if I live in Spain?

A: If you are 65 or over and require a NHS S1 form you can call: +44 (0)191 218 1999 
Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, Saturday, 9am to 3pm and it will be sent to you’re Spanish address.

Click here to read more about NHS S1 FORMS

Q: I need to obtain private health insurance, do you recommend a provider and how do I know which policy is suitable?

A: For information and a quote for private health insurance which meets the requirements for the TIE Card please call: Ana Pérez Soler from Assa on 965 786 969 or email: denia@asssa.es

Please quote TIE CARD SPAIN website to ensure they set you up with the correct policy.

Q: why do I need a photo copy of every page of my passport? it seems a crazy waste of time to photocopy blank pages..

A: We also don’t currently reason why the Spanish police require a photo copy of every page of your passport but this is what is currently being asked for so we recommend providing the photocopies to ensure your appoint is as smooth as possible.



  1. Hi I’m a student in the UK who will be working with the British Council on a placement teaching for 16 hours a week, does this mean that I will have to get private health insurance?

    1. Hi

      We would need more information to decided if you would need Private health insurance or not…

      Best thing to do is to call the office on 0034 665556070 and we can look into it.

      I hope this helps?


  2. Hi there, we are looking to move to Spain in October (married couple, self sufficient due to selling of our business). We need to obtain a lease on an apartment, what sort of lease do we need and what is the minimum amount of months the lease should be for?

    1. Hi Charlotte

      To get a Padron certificate the general rule of thumb is that your tenancy agreement should be for a minimum of 6 months.

      I hope this helps?


    1. Hi

      If you already have a green card you just need an unto date Padron certificate and the associated application and tax forms.

      I hope this helps


  3. Hello I’ve lived in Spain for over a year now and have only the white n.i.e paper. I am going back to England to visit for Christmas and planning to come back in early january , I really don’t know if I can still change the white for the t.i.e card after this date because of Brexit and I am quite stressed 🙁 can anyone advise me ?

    1. Hi

      Its not possible to ‘upgrade’ the White NIE to a TIE, You can only upgrade a green residency card to a TIE. As such you will need to start the process from scratch. Currently the procedure for January has not yet been announced.

      I hope this helps?


  4. Hey,
    I need a cita for the police station TIE card as I have received the letter confirming my residency application has been approved in my favour. Do you provide service for which we can pay and have help with finding one in Zaragoza?

    1. Hi

      Thats great news. In your case as you have the confirmation that you have been accepted your better trying the police website your self in January when things get quiter… The chances of getting an appointment in December are near impossible now…


  5. Hi
    I own a property in Barcelona and have an NIE Certificate (white paper copy). I am retiring shortly and aim to spend more time in Spain. Should I be making an application for residency (to get a TIE) before 31/12/2020 and how can I do that?
    What documents do you require me to supply to you in order for you to make the first stage application on my behalf.
    As I am currently in the UK and cannot get back to Spain in person until the C19 travel restrictions are lifted would you be able to submit the application on my behalf in time?

  6. Hi there,

    I am a student studying in Barcelona. I need to get a TIE number to get back into the country. How long will it take to get the TIE card if I use you? If I have proof of having started the application will I be allowed entry despite the travel ban?

    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi louise

      A baby needs to apply for a TIE the same way as an adult, obviously with you acting as the Childs representative. Please select the option starting from scracth on the main menu.

      Many Thanks


  7. Hi

    We need help applying for our TIE CARDS, but also a question.

    We have been in Spain for 5/6years working and living but have held our Residencia certificates (Green card) for less years.

    When applying can we receive permanant residencia because we have been in Spain for 5+years or will they issue temporary card as had residency card for less than 5 years?

    We would prefer permanant as we have been residing and paying taxes/social security for over 5+ years.

    We are in marbella, Malaga.


  8. I have had residentcy for many years. My NiE I had longer and I have a new padron. My problem is that There is a different address on all three. Is this going to cause me a problem when applying for my TIE card

  9. Hi my wife and I are wanting to move to Spain, what cards do we need and do you do them as a package, we will be renting for a year, my wife has been offered a contract and then I would look for work once out there and settled.
    Any help please

  10. Hi guys,

    My husband and I have green residency cards. My two daughters aged 14 and 11 do not. We want to apply for their tie’s when we exchange our green cards for the new tie. Will we have to prove income all over again for all four of us?

  11. Hi
    I own a property in Marbella and have an NIE Certificate (white paper copy). I am aim to spend more time in Spain. Should I be making an application for residency (to get a TIE) and how can I do that?
    What documents do you require me to supply to you in order for you to make the first stage application.
    As I am currently in the UK and cannot get back to Spain in person until the C19 travel restrictions are lifted can I apply on line or through my Spanish solicitor? If I had a European passport does that make a difference ?

  12. Hi

    My boyfriend lost his TIE card at the worst time!
    We are getting married middle Jan, will they accept a copy or a report from the police station to say he has lost it?

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