Health insurance for TIE Card

Private health insurance companies for TIE CARD Spain

If you are not covered under either a S1 Form (over 65’s), employment with a Spanish job contract, self employment and paying social security and IVA in Spain or being a student of a recognised university in Spain you will need to obtain Private health insurance in Spain to be able to apply for a TIE Card.

The Policy must be fully comprehensive with no exclusions and Needs to be prepaid one year up front. Co-payment (month payment) policies will not cover the requirements of the TIE Card process.

There are lots of individual insurance companies you can approach direct, or if you wish we can recommend a broker who can shop around and find you the best priced policy for your requirements. Please mention you have been referred by to receive the best price on your policy.

UPDATE 14th September 2020

We are having a huge number of people contacting us who have purchased the wrong type of Policy for residency and are loosing their money. The Policy must be fully comprehensive with no co-payments or exclusions. Its imperative that you get the right type of policy.

For a quote and Advice on the Correct type of policy please call

Name: Ana PĂ©rez Soler


Tel/Whatsapp 633438898


Health insurance companies in Spain